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Contacting sodus Bay Yacht club

By Land or By Sea - Welcome

Contacting sodus Bay Yacht club

Flag Officers 

Great Sodus Bay, Lake Ontario, New York

Sodus Bay Yacht Club 7431 Irwin Street P.O. Box 287 Sodus Point, NY 14555

By Sea:  Channel 16 is monitored by our Officer of the Day, our Facility Assistants and our Club Manager while we're open.


By Land:  Call our Clubhouse at (315) 483-9550

Club Manager: Sheila Storms


We strive to reduce spam from robo-programs that read our website email addresses and spam our flag officers.  Because of this we do not have hyper links on our email addresses.  Please copy and paste our email addresses into your email.  Thank you.


Commodore: Rick Crittenden                       


Vice Commodore: Neil Loveless


Rear Commodore:  Anne DeWitte


Fleet Captain: Mike Mincher