Great Sodus Bay, Lake Ontario, New York

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This is a great way to introduce your kids to sailing. Learning to sail adds a level of confidence to kids that help them throughout their entire lives. Your children will gain skills and self confidence that will amaze you on and off the water. A perfect vacation activity for your kids. Use the link below to be directed to the Sodus Bay Junior Sailing Associations website.

SALTS adult lean to sail lessons are a great way to begin a leisure life on and around the water. The next time you're offered to sail wouldn't it be a great surprise for your host to discover you know your way around a boat?

Sbyc Adult learn to sail  -  SALTS 

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Summer Sailing for Kids

Membership application should be completed and signed by the applicant and two sponsor members as described on the application. A personal letter of introduction should accompany the application and be sent to the Rear Commodore at the address indicated.

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