Great Sodus Bay, Lake Ontario, New York


Salts  -  Lesson Packages

Begin Your Lifetime of Sailing

Discover Sailing is a 2 hr. sail around the bay for those wishing to experience sailing for the first time and simply enjoy plying the “silvery waters” of Great Sodus Bay. Participants will be given a simple introduction to the basics of sailing to enhance their appreciation of the sport.


Meet Others Learning to Sail

  • rigging/unrigging
  • lines and gear
  • ​sailing techniques
  • ​sail trim
  • ​points of sail
  • ​tacking/jibing
  • safety​

SAlTs  -  discover sailing

Experience Great Sodus Bay

Private Lessons are available to those that need a learn-to-sail refresher, a customized lesson plan, lessons on your own time schedule, or coaching aboard your own sailboat. Any number of private lesson hours may be purchased, but each sailing session must be a minimum of 2 hours long.

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  • steering
  • right-of-way rules
  • ​docking
  • ​nautical terminology
  • basic nautical knots
  • weather awareness​
  • ​crew overboard recovery

The Sodus Bay Yacht Club is offering United States Sailing Association sailing instruction to adults (18+). The SBYC Adult Learn to Sail (SALTS) program is open to members and non-members alike. Lesson Packages, Private Lessons and Discover Sailing day sails around the bay are available.

Here at the Sodus Bay Yacht club we are providing "Ideal" boats at an "ideal" location. We use Ideal-18 keelboats that are stable and friendly to sail, and the sheltered, yet expansive Sodus Bay presents an "ideal" setting for basic sailing instruction.

Lessons are given by certified sailing instructors who are experienced skippers of sailboat racing and cruising. The instruction is designed for adults with little or no prior sailing experience. With an emphasis on safety and having fun, sailors learn to sail at their own pace – beginner or seasoned. ​

Salts  -  private lessons

At Your Own Pace

Learn to Sail Lesson Packages are available to beginning sailors with the objective of being able to sail a small sailboat by themselves. This program consists of 12 hours of lessons over four consecutive weeks. There will be one instructor and no more than two students in each boat. Session dates and times may be arranged at the mutual convenience of the students and instructor. Student handouts are provided, and an optional textbook "Learn Sailing Right - Beginning Sailing" is available for purchase.

Lesson Packages include on-shore and on-the-water instruction where you will practice and learn the following small boat basic skills:

US Sailing Certified Instruction

​Director: Rob Olfano

(585) 406-4505

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                                                         Professional Sailing Instruction