Ideal 18 Fleet

With the vision of past Commodore Tom Knapp, the club bought four Ideal-18 sailboats. These boats boast the security of having a full keel and ease of sailing for a trip around the bay on a weekend or a day off during the week. The Ideal 18 is a recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass by Ontario yachts in Ontario, Canada and Shumway Marine in Rochester, NY. It displaces 1,240 lb (562 kg) and carries 700 lb (318 kg) of fiberglass-encased lead ballast. It has built-in flotation for safety. These boats draft 3.25 ft (0.99 m) with the standard keel. For sailing, the design is equipped with a roller furling jib, a tiller for steering, and the seating is on benches molded into the cockpit sides. The boat has no winches and does not require them.

Ideal 18 Program

As a member, you can opt into the Ideal-18 club. The $100 yearly dues help keep these boats maintained and in good order for the use of those members who subscribe to the program. The availability of these club owned boats is not only a “perk” of membership, it provides non-boat owning members the opportunity to get out on the water at minimal expense.

"Although we own a boat that we keep at the club, we also subscribe to the Ideal 18 program. It's perfect for when we want to very quickly head out for a sail or I choose to go out with my children when my husband is racing" -Member since 2017