Sodus Bay Yacht Club

7431 Irwin St. PO Box 287 - Sodus Point, NY 14555
By Land: Call our Clubhouse at (315) 483-9550
Please use the CLOVER ST entrance.

By Sea: Hail Sodus Bay Yacht Club on Channel 16
More information about visiting the club
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2022 Exciting Race Season!

SBYC Sail for Hospice 2022

Sodus Bay Yacht Club is again pleased to host the Southeast Lake Ontario Sail for Hospice. This event is organized with Oswego Yacht Club. Join in the fun, and consider being a sponsor or donor. Please check out all of our sponsors, and support our sponsors when you can. Sail Hospice Page

Sodus Bay Yacht Club is proud to host the 136th Annual LYRA regatta. This will represent the 11th time SBYC has hosted LYRA; The town is jumping with activity, the conditions are always great and the regatta team friendly and professional. . Stay tuned to our LYRA page for information.

You may be surprised about the benefits and value of becoming a member of Sodus Bay Yacht Club.
Would you like to:

  • learn how to sail or learn more about sailing?

  • understand more about boat ownership?

  • race your boat or crew on someone else's?

  • find a place to relax by the water?

  • join others to cruise Lake Ontario?

  • discover a place for outdoor fun for the entire family?

  • find that restaurant/bar where everybody knows your name?

  • secure a dock slip for your current boat?

  • fill your social calendar?

SBYC has something for everyone. Contact us to learn more about why some of our current members joined and what they say about their experiences.

Our club was founded in 1893 and is located on the Sodus Point peninsula facing southwest into Sodus Bay. Our membership is a diverse brush stroke of people from all walks of life. What we all have in common is our love of the outdoors, enjoying the water, and being part of a community. Throughout the years our members have built, maintained, and expanded our facilities. Our clubhouse has bath facilities, and a restaurant and bar. Our docks are set up for some 60 boats. Our club hosts events throughout the season with plenty of parking, dry sail, and motor boat storage for fun on the water. Rain or shine, every day spent at the club is a vacation during the summer season. When it's not summer, we still manage to stay in touch and host a few off-season events.


When you become a member of SBYC you are opening the door to so many fun experiences, opportunities to learn new things, an escape on the water not far from home, and a community of new life-long friends.

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