Let's face it, owning a sailboat is like having an RV on the water. Many members look forward to shorter weekend trips to nearby ports while others enjoy longer weeks-long cruises around Lake Ontario. Being a member of SBYC affords you the reciprocal benefits at other yacht clubs and marinas around the lake.  Cruising is an exciting way to enjoy the journey and a thrilling way to arrive at new destinations.

Your Next Family Vacation?

Look locally for your summer vacation fun. Cruising Lake Ontario from Sodus Bay Yacht Club is a fantastic experience for the whole family. Joining a yacht club and sailing is not as expensive as you might think. Perhaps you are new to sailing and spend your first summer learning to sail. For many members, cruising starts one port at a time. A weekend getaway soon build up to a 2-week cruise. A whole summer of fun and adventure awaits you!  

Annual Club Cruise

Our annual club cruise takes members on a summer vacation around Lake Ontario. We travel to ports where we have reciprocal agreements with other clubs for a day or two visit, enjoying the participating club's facilities and company of their members.  Organizers lay out an exciting venue giving our members a different experience each year for a wonderful summer vacation. The fellowship and security of transits among other member boats make this a must-do event for any lover of the water and the lake shore life and communities.

Buddy Boating

Work schedule doesn't pan out with the scheduled Club Cruise? No worries, members of SBYC have experienced boaters taking weekend trips all throughout the boating season. That's part of the fun of being a member, walking the docks and chatting with members. A simple, "Can we join you tomorrow?" is a common occurrence at the club. It's a great way to build confidence if you're new to cruising and also stay safe on the water.