Day Sailing

One of the best parts of boating as a member of SBYC is the access to both Sodus Bay and Lake Ontario. If the northwest wind has really kicked up some waves out on the big lake, then you can safely enjoy a day on your boat in sheltered Sodus Bay.  Conversely, a south wind may create bumpy conditions on the bay but make it fast and flat to venture out to Lake Ontario. Having both the bay and the big lake at your disposal really opens your options to enjoy every day. There are also a plethora of anchorages nearby to spend the night or just to spend a hot lazy afternoon for rafting, eating, and swimming. There's even a destination restaurant or two to arrive at by boat!

Rafting with Friends

Sometimes, it may be an organized rafting event where a time and location have been set. In the past, the annual raft off the lighthouse and museum shore allowed folks to enjoy the outdoor concert from the comfort of their deck!

Out and About

Enjoying the outdoors is what day sailing is all about.  It doesn't need to be the weekend to go out on your boat. Many members pop in after work and enjoy a picnic dinner and sunset sail. Sunsets can't be beat on Lake Ontario.

Chimney Bluffs

A club favorite is to sail to Chimney Bluffs, a hop, skip, and a sail outside the Sodus channel. It's the ideal place to anchor on a calm day and swim. Nothing beats seeing this natural marvel from the water instead of by land.

Boat Ramp 

As a member, you also have the boat ramp available to launch your trailered boat. Many members take advantage of the ramp using it to launch motor boats, jet skis, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and dinghies. There is also a rack where members are welcome to keep their kayaks and paddle boards. 

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