Learn to Sail

If you don't know how to sail or are seeking more experience, SBYC has some options. You'll find that most sailors pick up learning to sail either through registering for a course or simply going out with friends and picking it up. 

Sodus Bay Junior Sailing Association, Inc., a fully independent, tax exempt 501c(3) educational organization, was founded in 1956 by several forward thinking SBYC members as a means to teach children and young adults the basics of sailing, swimming and seamanship, building lifelong boaters. Since then, thousands of young people have experienced its fun summer camp programs and in more recent years, SBJSA programming has grown into the spring and fall seasons, as well as Community Boating programs for individuals and families that enable use of SBJSA's large collection of sailboats and paddle craft to people of all ages, at very modest cost. Instructional programs at various levels are also available for adults in sailing and powerboat handling. Commitment and dedication to all that SBJSA offers is evident in the numerous youth sailors who go on to become instructors, as well as those who continue their  sailing career into college and leadership positions beyond, including membership in SBYC and other clubs. To find out more about their courses and other events, how to register for a class or become a Community Boating member, or to make a charitable donation, please visit SBJSA .

Crew for a Member

So many members started their passion for sailing by crewing on another member's boat. It doesn't necessarily mean you intend to race. You may want to crew on someone's boat for one of the fun races and gain some experience with different wind conditions and sailing styles. At the end of the day, perhaps you've picked up a few new tricks to try out on the water on your own. What you certainly will gain are new friendships and folks to share a drink with at the bar at the end of the day. All one needs to do is roam the dock and ask, "you need crew?"

Better yet, we have a new board in the hallway of our club. If you need crew, add your name and dates needed. For those looking to race, you can check the board. Our members-only Facebook group is also another great way to get the word out.