Monday July 25th - Sunday July 31st, 2022

Sodus Bay Yacht Club is very proud to be hosting the Lake Yacht Racing Association Regatta. In addition to great racing, registrants will enjoy: live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights, and delicious meals available Thursday through Sunday as well as options of local fair from your favorite Sodus Point restaurants.

In an effort to be as inclusive as possible for over all Regatta Champion in handicap racing we plan on three Centennial Races from Canada to the US. Flying Sail Regatta Champion for handicap boats is available to boats that 1. Compete in a feeder race, either a Centennial or Founder's Race. 2. Compete in the Freeman Race. 3. Compete in Course Racing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. These three race categories are also required to compete for handicap LYRA Boat of the Year trophy.

We are organizing three Centennial Race feeders from Toronto, Whitby, and Kingston to accommodate as many Canadian Members who wish to compete for the Flying Sail Regatta Championship. We will have two Founder's Race feeders from Rochester and Oswego for the US Member's to check off there feeder race to compete for Flying Sail Regatta Championship.

One Design Regatta Champion does not require these long distance races just that they compete in Flying Sail Course Racing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Non-Flying sail Course Racing will be held on Saturday and Sunday. All Feeder and Freeman Races are also available to non-flying sail competitors.

Centennial Race

Feeder Races

Planned for Toronto, Whitby, and Kingston

Founder's Race

Feeder Races

Planned for Rochester and Oswego

Freeman Race

Overnight Races

Wednesday overnight race both the Long and Short Courses

Course Racing

Flying Sail: Friday, Satuerday, and Sunday

Non-flying Sail Saturday and Sunday

Information and Forms

Want to know more about the sailing rules and policies for the racing events? Want to see if you can pitch a tent, leave your boat at the club the week before, or learn more about the policies of the race. See all Notices of Race (NOR), policies, waivers and Covid-19 guidelines.

Register Your Boat

Planning to attend? Click on the registration link below where you can register your boat for the race, reserve dinner tickets for you and non-racing folks, and see who else is planning to be on the water.

Find a schedule of the weekend's events by clicking the button below. From the moment you deliver your boat until the last event, we're sure you'll have had a great time.